Less time estimating.
More time building.

ConGenius is software that helps home builders, remodelers, and construction pros master their sales process in minutes, create accurate estimates, and build proposals that win more jobs.

Estimate Projects 10x Faster

ConGenius guides you through the estimating process step-by-step so you win the jobs you need to.

Easy Organization

Manage contact details and notes for all your customers, potential customers, subcontractors, and vendors in one place.

Know Your Costs

Quickly and easily know what jobs cost you to make sure you always make money. We will help you cut down on duplicate work to get bids out faster, and more accurately, from anywhere.

Accurate Takeoffs

Perform On-Screen Takeoffs simply. Set a scale and reduce the time it takes to measure and count from plans. We’ll help you estimate faster with or without plans.

Impressive Proposals

We make it easy for you to send professional proposals and collect signatures from potential customers helping you win more jobs in little to no time at all.

Watch our app walkthrough!

ConGenius is the estimating and proposal software solution designed for construction pros who want to save time, increase accuracy, and look professional. From fast and accurate estimates to professional-looking proposals, ConGenius helps you do it all with ease. Watch our app walkthrough and experience the power of ConGenius!

Strengthen relationships with prospects.

Contact Manager

Strengthen relationships with prospects.

Stay on top of potential and current clients better than before. With a new and efficient toolset, get a centralized source of contact information for all of your leads, customers, subs, and vendors. Strengthen your sales process by improving your organization, logging notes, and linking contacts to projects with ease.

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"I can get a remodeling estimate out the door in 20 minutes with ConGenius."

Jared Carter

Owner of Kingdom Culture LLC

Build estimates in minutes.

Construction Estimating Software

Build estimates in minutes.

Creating estimates is complex and time consuming. With an intuitive and guided process, ConGenius makes estimating organized, fun, fast, and easy. Create estimates that are highly accurate and detailed to put you a cut above your competition.

Speed up estimates with construction takeoff software.

Construction Takeoff Software

Speed up estimates with construction takeoff software.

Whether you takeoff from plans or build estimates without them, save yourself time and money with efficient takeoff and estimating software. Measure plans and count material quantities on-screen to get even more accurate numbers.

Become a professional closer.

Proposals and Contracts

Become a professional closer.

With ConGenius, you can turn your estimates into attractive proposals and win more business in just a few clicks. Send proposals for signatures to close jobs faster and significantly reduce the follow-up time involved.

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