Why ConGenius?

Our sales and estimating software is designed to empower contractors by providing the tools and insights they need to run a more efficient and profitable business. From fast and accurate estimate generation, to on-screen digital takeoffs, to proposal creation that wins more contracts, ConGenius is your partner in building a better construction business.

How It Works

What we do for you

Built with you in mind

Save time and effort

Construction is hard enough as it is. We make the estimating process quicker and easier, so you can spend more time doing other things.

Make you more money

Bid jobs with confidence. We help you win more jobs and make sure you are covering your costs along the way.

Run a healthy business

Ensure your business is growing like it should. ConGenius will help you know your numbers and improve your business along the way.

Impress your clients

We give you a process and platform with proposals that impress. Sell more at higher margins with a business to back it.

The ConGenius DifferenceHere at ConGenius, we combine the innovation of a technology start-up with the grit and determination of a builder. And that’s what makes us different.

Job Openings

The ConGenius Story

The concept for ConGenius started in 2011 when our founder, Ben Walsh, saw some of the challenges his dad faced as a designer and builder in the Chicagoland area. From there, the idea evolved and the confidence to build ConGenius came to fruition when Ben created and operated his own remodeling company, “Brother Builders” from 2016-2021 in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Ben was able to connect with other people in the construction space, use other software tools on the market, and see firsthand that his vision could work. In order for Ben to operate his small construction company professionally, he was needing to leverage nine different software or technology solutions.

One of the greatest challenges for contractors who are in the earlier stages of operating their business is estimating. Estimating jobs can be complex and time-consuming. Being able to bid accurately and quickly is one of the tasks that can be difficult to master, especially for the contractor that is also in charge of building, selling, finances, and back office work.

When looking at existing estimating software, it can be too time intensive to see the benefit, is not built for solo or small construction companies, or isn’t powerful enough to estimate effectively. ConGenius is changing that. Powerful, effective, and intuitive software built for individuals and small businesses so that they can thrive.

ConGenius Values

Exceptional character in all aspects of life and work is at the core of our values. We tell the truth, do what’s right, and honor our commitments even when expensive, inconvenient, or embarrassing.

People First

We treat people with respect and engage ideas with humility and intellectual honesty. We make space for mental, physical, spiritual, and financial well-being.

Own It

We take ownership of our choices, attitudes, and behaviors as individuals and teams. Win or lose, we seek to learn and constantly strive to improve.

Make It Better

We are obsessed with improving our customer experience and pursuit of excellence. We invest in innovation and creativity in our people, products, and service.

Live It

We do what's right when no one is looking and we honor our word even when it costs us. We promote a clean, fun, and engaging environment that rewards performance and fosters teamwork.

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