Sales and Estimating Software for Remodelers.

Remodeling jobs can be overwhelming. With ConGenius, create accurate estimates, understand your margin, and manage crews all within one easy-to-use app.

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Top Software Features for Remodelers

No plans. No problem.

Complete on-screen takeoffs or finalize your estimate without them.

Account for your overhead.

Do you know the cost of doing business? ConGenius offers an overhead calculator to ensure you are always covering your costs.

Build a task library to estimate faster.

If there are recurring tasks you do on most jobs, building a task library will help you save hours when it comes to estimating.

Gain access to sales health reports.

Get a real-time score and tips on the health of your sales. Are you bidding enough new jobs, winning the ones you are, and do you know why you are losing opportunities?


Give clients a comprehensive and specific estimate in no time.

ConGenius does more than build accurate estimates. By quickly creating estimates and utilizing a proposal builder, you are going to be a cut above the competition. Reach your payday sooner by starting and finishing projects even quicker with ConGenius.

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Reduce time spent on recurring tasks.

Build and customize your own task (assembly) templates to save time. Simply modify bids and adjust costs as material, labor, or project specifications change.

Ready to save a day every week?Take your construction business to the next level!


Proposals that help you close more business.

As you estimate with ConGenius, our proposal builder will dynamically input your estimate data into thorough and professional proposals. Get your bids in the hands of potential clients to win more, faster.

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We've built ConGenius to help construction pros save time and make more money when it comes to creating estimates and selling jobs.

Ben Walsh

Founder/CEO of ConGenius

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